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The main emphasis at Optronics Africa, is the import and distribution of cutting-edge technology into Southern Africa. 

As such we can provide a full range of infrared cameras for applications as diverse as security, safety and surveillance to laboratory research and space applications from Xenics (Belgium).  The cameras cover the SWIR, MWIR and LWIR bands.

We have also identified Pegase Systems (France) as being a valuable supplier of maritime surveillance products for both governmental, as well as for local & private authorities such as Harbour Master’s Offices, Navy, Coasts Guard, Customs and Security Departments.

It has now become realistic for Optronics Africa to source international best of breed OEM technology that can be integrated into South African developed solutions for the global market, and especially for markets in the developing world that share similar challenges to those that South Africa faces today.

The time has come for the synergies of the Optronics Africa Team with its South African and International Partners to be blended and fused together with their combined passion for delivery of quality products.

The result will be the delivery of the best possible solution to various clients throughout the world, and particularly to those that require solutions that need to be specially adapted for local conditions such as in the developing markets.

For more information, visit our website.

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