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Accurate reliable non contact fever detection system for airports, harbours and ports of entry.

6 March 2010

Preventing the spread of infectious diseases is a concern to all nations and health authorities.  South Africa is no exception.

In combating the spread of disease, international travel has been identified as a major contributor to the rapid spreading of infectious diseases, and it is fairly obvious that the areas where it would be ideal to place controls to reduce such spread, include airports, harbours and other ports of entry.

In the case of many infectious diseases, fever is a fairly common overt sign, and as such, the early detection of elevated body temperatures may provide the key to an effective disease-prevention strategy.

A means of detecting such elevated body temperatures is by means of infrared thermography.

Typical setup for fever detection at security checkpoint

Infrared cameras detect the heat that is emitted from a surface, in this case the skin.  This produces a temperature map of the person in real-time.  The process is totally passive, harmless and non-intrusive, very much the same as the process when a conventional video camera records a video clip.

The temperature measured at the corner of the individual’s eye (inner canthus) closely approaches core body temperature, and for this reason it is desirable to focus on the face when applying thermography to the detection of fever in individuals.

The most suitable location for the fixed installation of such a system would be at any place  that has long queues such as at passport or customs control.  At these locations people can be screened individually.

The results are displayed in a coloured image, where various colours represent various temperatures, and it is possible to highlight temperatures above pre-set thresholds.

The Xenics Raven-384 infrared camera together with the specialised fever detection software is an accurate, simple, reliable and above all, affordable solution for all locations where the spatial measurement of temperature in real time is required.




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