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6 March 2010


A HUGE INFLUX of international visitors is being expected by South Africa through the various Ports-Of-Entry during the upcoming difficult and very exciting period as the World’s foremost teams gather to fight it out….

The arrival of so many people from all over the world, some travelling from their summer to our winter, and others simply swopping their winter for ours, will inevitably bring about an increased risk and possible spread of infectious disease.

As part of our commitment to invest in the well-being of the local community and that of our international visitors, Optronics Africa together with one of our partners, Xenics Infrared Solutions, will be providing our  competition winner with the following 2010 Grand Prize:

The use of: 1 x Raven Fever Detection System.  On loan for 6 months at no cost.

Terms and Conditions will apply to the competition.

The competition will open next month, and participation will be extended to all South African official Ports-Of-Entry.  The competition will include a few simple questions.

The winning Port Of Entry will be enabled to provide improved health monitoring facilities and therefore contribute to the reduction in the spread of disease for the duration of the loan at no cost.

If you wish to read up on the technology offering, please read the following blog post:

Accurate reliable non contact fever detection system for airports, harbours and ports of entry.

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